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At Phillip Lim, We Guess We Can Be Your Fergie?

This person does not, and probably never will,
work for New York.Photo: Getty Images

The tents are a little less A-list-y from nine to five, for obvious reasons: If you’re a celebrity, those are the hours during which you sit around in sweatpants, order your assistants to get you coffee, and figure out what the hell you’re going to wear when the real action starts at the evening shows. So at times, a person may feel a little celeb-starved (we should note, however, that if you really keep your eyes peeled, famous folk are everywhere; they’re just a little less obvious during the day), and this may prompt some bizarre behavior, like what we saw while waiting for this afternoon’s 3.1 phillip lim show.

“Oh, my God,” cried a slight girl carrying a huge silver bowling bag. “Is that Fergie?!” No, another girl answered, “she hasn’t come in it. I just saw her outside.” It was true: We had seen Mme. Fergs walking through the tents, practically joined at Diane Von Furstenberg’s hip, with a modest entourage of twenty. “I want to go down and take pictures, but I’m scared!” squealed bowling-bag girl. But then she found the courage to whip out her digicam, and, inexplicably, point it at this very bleary-eyed blogger. She snapped a picture of us and dashed off. We should note: We look nothing in the least like Fergie. But in desperate times, perhaps people will simply take whatever they can get?

That said, we wish we had looked a little more put together. —Amy Odell

At Phillip Lim, We Guess We Can Be Your Fergie?