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Badgley Mischka Show Proves Too Early for Certain Starlets

These women have no time for silly “February” and
its “weather” you speak of. Now leave.Photo: Getty Images

The 10 a.m. start — practically the crack of dawn, really, what with being two whole hours before noon and all — of Tuesday’s Badgley Mischka show apparently deterred the likes of Rose McGowan, Amy Smart, and Heather Graham from rolling out of bed and doing their hair. (Or maybe they were just downtown for the Giants parade? At the polling stations?) Although it seems ANY start time has been too early for Graham, the week’s most consistent no-show. “As if she’d get up for this,” snorted a photographer while we were waiting. Maybe? Personally, we can’t imagine blowing off a front-row seat courtesy of the designers — but we also eat carbs early and often, so what do we know? Still, there seems to be a very simple solution: Don’t RSVP for 10 a.m. events. Maybe Heather Graham ought to consider just saying no.

Ana Ortiz of Ugly Betty, on the other hand, could not have been more stoked and wowed about her prime spot. “This is a lot kinder than [Fashion Week] is on our show,” she told a reporter of the experience, and indeed, she appreciated it, sitting agape for the duration of the presentation. She whispered either, “That’s gooooorgeous” or “Wow” to her seatmates, one of whom was a Justin Timberlake–clone event staffer still in his headset, simply acting as a seat filler. Down the row: Jaime King and a date, who wolfed down a breakfast pastry before the lights went down (we were right there with you, buddy), and Eliza Dushku. The Buffy star toted a very cute accessory in the form of her look-alike brother — and for the record, it works rather well on both genders, somehow. They brought out their best posture and pleasant expressions during the show, Eliza occasionally pointing out an outfit and at one point mouthing along to the music. She also did her best Nigel Barker impersonation, taking a picture with a giddy fan who held the camera himself. Marcia Gay Harden, more delicate in person than we’d expected, studiously took notes while clad in a maroon strappy gown with black beadwork, under which she smartly layered a turtleneck. It was refreshing to see any actress, and a New Yorker no less, acknowledging that it’s not sleeveless-dress weather yet.

On the other side of the front row sat Aisha Tyler, her boyfriend, and her omnipresent chewing gum. A friend confirmed that you could tell she was chomping away even from looking at the back of her head. We’re getting a bit concerned: Does she have no fear of TMJ? That being said, La Tyler seemed quite engrossed by the show, which is more than we can say for Anna Wintour. Okay, in all fairness, we have to admit that obviously we have no idea what thoughts are fluttering through La Bobita’s well-coiffed head, but we did notice her checking her watch at least once. Don’t worry, Badgley and/or Mischka. She was probably just looking forward to lunch. —The Fug Girls

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Badgley Mischka Show Proves Too Early for Certain Starlets