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Breaking: The K-Fed Has Landed at Fashion Week!

“It’s okay, baby — I’m here now.”Photo: Getty Images

Hot on the heels of yesterday’s rumors that Kevin Federline would be sitting in Marc Jacobs’s front row, we have now spotted K-Fed at the Sean John show at Cipriani 42nd Street. If we were the betting kind — and our twelve-step sponsor says we are — we’d say Sean John is just K-Fed’s warm-up act (with all due respect to Mr. Combs). If he’s here, it all but confirms that El Fed will be sweating out the six-hour wait at Marc Jacobs. As any self-respecting tabloid fixture would!

Update: Um, did the universe collapse on itself and we missed it? Because Marc Jacobs started A MERE 30 MINUTES LATE. That’s incredibly punctual, even by any other designer’s standards. We’re kinda proud of him.

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Breaking: The K-Fed Has Landed at Fashion Week!