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Alas, There’s No Polling Station in the Tents

Civic ne’er-do-wells: Yeah, they look hot, but how do they sleep at night?Photo: Getty Images

It’s Super Tuesday, and we’re not just talking about tonight’s Prada party (ba-dum-dum). As Americans across the country head to the polls to vote in 24 states, we figured at least one or two people in the tents were aware of it being Election Day. At “I’m so frustrated!” said L.A. resident and Obama supporter Amy Smart. “I decided to come to Fashion Week at the last minute and didn’t have time to get an absentee ballot together.” Um, and who’s fault was that? Jaime King had a similar excuse: California resident, no absentee ballot, yadda yadda yadda. She admitted that she’s a McCain supporter: “What’s wrong with admitting you’re a little more conservative?” she asked. Damn, she sounds so reasonable when she puts it like that. “Try not to spread it around. I’m afraid I’ll get jumped,” she added.

The delinquent Californians could take a page from the ubiquitous Sophia Bush, whose organizational skills extend beyond simply scheduling herself into every front row possible: She submitted her absentee ballot weeks ago. She wouldn’t divulge her choice, but she did correct the frequent mistake that she is a member of the presidential Bush clan. “I would be the black sheep of the Bush family,” she said. “I drive a hybrid. I recycle. I just taught my parents to compost. So that whole oil relationship they have going on, I don’t support. Not related. Not a fan.” —Jada Yuan

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Alas, There’s No Polling Station in the Tents