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Marc Jacobs: Now Appearing in Comments Sections!

Marc’s reading your blog.Photo: Getty Images

In the wake of last week’s madness, Times fashion critic Cathy Horyn had a moment to catch her breath just long enough to nurse her flu and reflect on the direction of New York fashion. On her blog, she mentioned that illness had kept her from the Temple of Marc — an admission, it seems, that was enough to garner a response from the man himself:

Dear Cathy…..I wish you could have been at my show. I think it was a really good one. I am happy with it on every level. I deliberately stated I was uninspired this season as I have felt that talking about inspiration is so not the point to making and showing a collection. Inspiration is a catalyst. one is left with an interpretation of those thoughts. In a show context they are meant to “say” something…..I felt it necessary to allow the audience to say what they want, to see what they saw. There was no wrong or right. everyone is entitled to their opinions. Big deal….My last few collections have been nothing but an expression of where I am at and what interests me and my team in terms of cut, shape, color and our individual interests in fashionable clothes. I find so many aspects of life today fascinating…I don’t work in a bubble. I am influenced by the world, and what of the world I know, remember, and hope for. I look forward to the chance to speak to you soon…I really felt a need for calm, and yes, each season is a reaction to the one that came before it. I am certain that what we chose to promote this season was the only, and perfect answer. and, for all those who think Spring Summer didn’t sell…..perhaps, they should check our figures before assuming such as fact. I hope you are feeling better…All my best, Marc.

New York: Random Thoughts [On the Runway/NYT via Fashionista]

Marc Jacobs: Now Appearing in Comments Sections!