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‘Hills’ in Tents: Lauren and Whitney at Mara Hoffman?

Feel the rain on your skin. They dare you.Photo: WireImage

Thought Anne Hathaway sitting in Erin Fetherston’s front row yesterday was exciting? Well, rumor has it that this afternoon, the real celebrities will arrive: Lauren Conrad and Whitney Port from The Hills. Oh yes. The pair will supposedly be working at the Mara Hoffman show at 2 p.m., according to Fashionista, which also predicts the girls will work for the L.A.-based label when they finish up at Teen Vogue.

There are no official predictions as to what the duties the duo might be performing for Hoffman, but duh — we already know exactly what they’ll be doing: Lauren will be Fluster Captain, huffing about looking like a scared, wet dog while fetching things for models and other faux-intimidating bitches who are slightly senior than her. Meanwhile, Whitney will be Captain of the Slightly Senior Bitches, while somehow managing to avoid being a bitch herself. And when it’s all over and they share a limo back to the airport, their ironclad friendship will remind us all that fashion doesn’t work with split seams.

God, we can’t wait to get to the tents. —Amy Odell

’The Hills’ to Mara Hoffman? [Fashionista]

‘Hills’ in Tents: Lauren and Whitney at Mara Hoffman?