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Fugs at Abaeté: Sophia Bush Gives Good Plug

Sophia Bush concentrates on the Abaeté runway, because she buys retail.Photo: Getty Images

Alas, much of the story at Friday’s otherwise adorable Abaeté show was the no-shows. In a room that already felt under capacity, two PR girls frantically tried to ascertain whether Heather Graham, Rose McGowan, and Genevieve Jones were on their way, or if they should fill their seats. Unless McGowan has recently become a muscular black man, the latter option won. Too bad for us, since we’ve been dying to see all of Rose’s alleged terrible facial renovations up close.

Sophia Bush did attend, and graciously gave several chatty interviews, noting she was clad head-to-toe by the designer, while also making sure she posed for pictures in front of the Abaeté logo. Say what you will about One Tree Hill, whoever’s doing their media training is totally on the ball. We also overheard Bush tell reporters that she loves going to shows like this one where she’s already been “out in the world buying [the clothes] retail,” because it proves her serious fandom and that she’s not in it for the freebies. Admirable, but perhaps short-sighted. We say, take whatever people give you.

On the other end of the runway sat the only other boldish-faced names: erstwhile soap star Finola Hughes, who looked much less ragey than she did last night at Baby Phat. Perhaps that’s because she sat next to the omnipresent (just the way we like him) Nigel Barker. Official Nigel Barker Fan Appreciation Count: zero photographs and one autograph, for a running tally of ten after yesterday. Maybe tomorrow he’ll start handing out chocolates. —The Fug Girls

Watch a slideshow of the Abaet´ collection.

Fugs at Abaeté: Sophia Bush Gives Good Plug