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Ali Larter: Half a Shirt Short, and Moody to Boot

One of these women is a bitch.Photo: Getty Images

Lindsay Lohan was rumored to appear at the Calvin Klein show on Thursday, but we saw neither hide nor hair of the leggings-loving former redhead. Tragic, yet not surprising: LiLo seems like the sort to ditch. We also wondered if we’d see Kate Bosworth, since she’s appearing on CK billboards all over town. But that was another no-go. Instead, the show was a study in contrasts: On one hand, we had Ali Larter, who showed up wearing, we kid you not, a white crop top paired with white, high-waisted jodphur-esque pants and shiny nude shoes. She is beautiful, but this outfit would work on precisely no one. She also seemed insanely crabby. We accidentally got stuck in her path as she was being ushered to her seat, and if looks could kill, we would be icy cold in the morgue right now. While we were scampering out of Princess Icy-Glare’s death stare, we overheard a reporter asking her why she was at the show. “To support Calvin and Francisco,” she said, in what we must charitably call a condescending (read: bitchy) tone.

On the other hand was Liv Tyler, who looked gorgeous in a winter-white coat layered over a black silk shirt dress, and who seemed totally friendly and sweet, even giving extensive interviews after the show.

And it seems we weren’t the only ones not particularly impressed with Larter. Filing out of the show, we found ourselves stuck in front of two photographers. One said, “Ali Larter,” and, in unison, they blew disapproving raspberries. “Ali Larter, meh,” the other photog editorialized. Frankly, we couldn’t have put it better ourselves. —The Fug Girls

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Ali Larter: Half a Shirt Short, and Moody to Boot