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Tim Gunn Doesn’t Make It Work in This Weather

Tim Gunn, not digging Malandrino’s music.Photo: Getty Images

Listen, we think she seems great and all, but how on earth has Sophia Bush managed to get invited to shows all over town this season? Either she has frighteningly effective people working for her or she’s cashing in on one of the several hundred karmic IOUs she earned during those months she had to spend married to the king of the asshats, Chad Michael Murray. Whatever her secret, Sophia had a prime spot at Catherine Malandrino’s typically overcrowded show Monday morning, and while she waited for the show to start, she chatted with her constant blonde companion and made the kind of pained, empathetic faces that we usually associate with hushed convos about boy trouble. Here’s hoping she’s currently living asshat-free.

Tim Gunn and Beth Ostrosky waited in the long line to get in just like the rest of us plebes, the former enjoying a gracious fan encounter as the cold rain lightly sprinkled his uncovered head. (Apparently the weather brings out the mom in us; we kept wanting to run over and wrap him in a scarf or proffer some earmuffs.) Once inside, he sat next to fashion editor and America’s Most Smartest Model host Mary Alice Stephenson, who joked with him later about the show’s, how do we say, overwhelming music. She was not wrong: It sounded like what you would hear if Sarah Brightman were suddenly run over by a steamroller while singing in the shower.

Ally Hilfiger, meanwhile, wore the crazy specs she had at Alexander Wang. They must be her actual glasses, though they look more like she punched out the lenses from a pair of Ray Bans. She and a friend also somewhat nauseatingly wore matching dresses in different colors. Well, we assume they were friends because they took pictures together, but for all we know, they tore out each other’s hair backstage after the show.

Finally, we saw gargantuan beauty Aisha Tyler — seriously, she is so tall — holding court in dark shades while chatting up Amanda Hearst about travel experiences and draping her arm lightly over the back of her cute male companion’s chair. When the show ended, a Korean journalist got her on camera and fed her some salutatory words in his native tongue to say for his viewers. She gamely played along. Good move, unless what he actually taught her to say was, “Hail Satan and his minions who wear Malandrino.” That might cost her a seat next season. —The Fug Girls

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Tim Gunn Doesn’t Make It Work in This Weather