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Chloë and Milla Not Exactly Fans of Miss Sixty

And the Oscar for Best Female Performance at a Show She Finds Completely Laughable goes to…Photo: Getty Images

Anne Hathaway recently claimed on this very blog that she probably wouldn’t be attending any fashion shows on Sunday because she would be nursing her father back to health after a ski accident. Well, we’re here to tell you that SHE LIED. Because she was in the front row of Miss Sixty on Sunday night, along with Chloë Sevigny, Ashley Olsen, and a very amusing Milla Jovovich. That’s right: Anne ditched poor old Dad for a show that needed a boatload of standing-room patrons just to fill the seats. Let’s hope she Hathaway with apologies. (Zing! Thanks! We’re here all week; try the pork!)

Actually, with the exception of Anne, who kept her Politely Interested Fashion Show Face on the entire time (as well her hand proprietarily on her boyfriend’s knee, which he totally ignored), the whole front row was rather entertaining to watch. Chloë Sevigny — who, let’s be honest, seems like she would rather eat deep-fried cockroaches than wear Miss Sixty — animatedly chatted with Ashley Olsen, even giving A-O’s outfit an approving nod despite the fact that we thought Ash looked a wee bit disheveled (so, business as usual for her, basically). Ashley did, however, seem way more animated than you’d expect from a woman who slouches out of her house wearing six to seven layers every day; she was even swapping several jokes with Jovovich. We admit to wondering what the three of them were even doing there, frankly. All of those women are known for having a distinct personal style that doesn’t seem to align with the Miss Sixty look, and if any of them wanted to revamp their image, they each have their own clothing lines. It honestly felt like a weird fit.

Chloë and Milla seemed to agree with us. We can’t even vouch for whether their reactions to the clothes were justified, because we were too enthralled with their array of facial expressions to pay any attention to what the models were actually wearing. First of all, if you get the chance to play poker with Milla Jovovich, do it. That girl cannot keep a straight face. Throughout, she seemed to be making a running commentary to Olsen and Paula Patton; she burst out laughing once or twice and acted particularly perplexed — even, one might say, horrified — by a huge pair of fringed mukluks. Meanwhile, the look on Sevigny’s face devolved from “blank but pleasant” to “kinda grossed out,” and we haven’t seen that kind of golf clap at a show’s conclusion since … well, since the perfunctory applause at Rock & Republic last night, but still, it was surprising. We’ve seen Big Love. We know she’s a better actor than that.

The best moment, though, was when Irina Lazareanu stomped past and Milla couldn’t resist bursting out with a boisterous “Woo-hoo!” Irina couldn’t maintain her fierce model face and cracked up on the runway. So apparently we’re not the only ones who find Milla Jovovich kind of awesome and entertaining, and frankly, the whole thing made us want to take her out for a beer. Then maybe we can get her to tell us what she was doing at that show in the first place. —The Fug Girls

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Chloë and Milla Not Exactly Fans of Miss Sixty