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Little Girl Is Mean to Vincent Gallo at Anna Sui

All we are saaaay-ing, is give Vince a chance.Photo: Getty Images

Listen, we know we’ve said a lot about Vincent Gallo that has been, shall we say, unflattering. But we can’t help that we noticed this: At Anna Sui’s show in the tents Wednesday afternoon, Gallo sat next to a little girl who spent most of the show leaning away from him and at one point held her invitation up between them. However, and here’s the shocker, we felt bad seeing that. Because Gallo actually looked better than we’ve seen him in a while — his hair looked fairly clean and almost fluffy, he seemed somewhat rested, and he laughed amicably with reporters. Obviously, these compliments are all relative, but it still caught us by surprise. We hope this means we haven’t gone soft; surely in a day or two we’ll see him out and about flossing his teeth with someone’s veins or something, and the Earth will resume spinning on its axis. But in the meantime, maybe someone — surely not us! — should give Vincent a hug?

Russell Simmons, aiming for Sophia Bush levels of omnipresence and only falling a tad short, missed the first few looks to come down the runway because his nose was buried in his BlackBerry. Riley Keough, grandspawn of Elvis, trickled in at the last minute and brought with her a passel of potentially douchey rocker dudes, but we couldn’t tell if one was boyfriend Ryan Cabrera, a scruffy stand-in, or a newer model that’s replaced Ryan altogether. Kelly Killoren Bensimon made brief small talk with Riley afterward: Yes, L.A. is quite different from this; yes, Keough saw things she’d wear. They awkwardly parted, and scene. Keough seemed rather low-energy and uncomfortable, but maybe she was just sweltering; today’s warmer weather turned the tent into a stuffy furnace. It made us want to lie down and take a nap.

Todd Oldham, a few seats down from Gallo, enjoyed a quick fan encounter when a mother and daughter — presumably Top Design enthusiasts; lonely work, but at least they have each other — begged and got a picture with him. It wasn’t until the show began, however, that we recognized his companion in the gray sleeveless tee and messy upswept hair as none other than the brilliant Amy Sedaris. Based on her outfit, we’d initially assumed it was just some random woman who ran out of Pine-Sol while mopping her kitchen and dropped by the show on her way to the market, but then she smiled at a model and we immediately saw flashes of Jerri Blank in there. Thanks to the day’s warmer weather, Sedaris didn’t even need the neon pink sweater balled up on her lap. Although if we had shoulder muscles like hers, we wouldn’t cover them either. Must be all that mopping. —The Fug Girls

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Little Girl Is Mean to Vincent Gallo at Anna Sui