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OMG, Someone New: Perrey Reeves at Monique Lhullier

During Fashion Week, having your picture taken
with Sophia Bush is kind of like posing with the
Naked Cowboy.Photo: Getty Images

Monique Lhuillier’s show is traditionally jam-packed with pretty young things in the market for pretty new things to wear, and Tuesday’s show was true to form. In addition to reliable old Sophia Bush, who seems to be losing her voice after her week of nonstop yapping, we spotted Entourage’s Perrey Reeves — a new face, thank goodness! — chatting up Jaime King, and Amy “Prettier in Person” Smart getting stuck in the midst of the media crush because she stopped to greet a friend. Hasn’t she learned that celebrities are like sharks, and if they don’t keep moving, they’ll die?

Brittany Murphy dragged her long-suffering husband out once again and gave several quotes to reporters that no one could quite hear because of her baby voice. On the other hand, Kim Raver firmly and audibly did her part to pimp both the designer and Lipstick Jungle, giving virtually identical interviews to two consecutive camera crews, in which she pledged her adoration for Lhuillier and name-dropped her as the costumer for the series’ giant posters — you know, the ones that we can’t escape from even by ducking into the subway. And Ugly Betty’s Becki Newton — looking fantastic in a teal dress — announced that she isn’t going to too many shows this week. She wants to keep it simple, she explained, so she can “process.” We know how she feels. We haven’t processed anything in weeks. —The Fug Girls

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OMG, Someone New: Perrey Reeves at Monique Lhullier