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Heidi Klum Keeps Scraps of Face Powder in Her Purse

This woman does not let her double chin show.Photo: WireImage

Once upon a time a blogger went to a Victoria’s Secret makeup event. And Heidi Klum was there. Yay! And she had some tips on what to do with your face when you’re walking the red carpet, which you obviously do every day:

Any tips or tricks to help us look more photogenic?
Models know how to make their faces look photogenic because they’ve had a lot of practice. Take a few shots on your digital camera or practice in the mirror to see what looks best. Find the spot where your chin isn’t too high and you get a double chin — or too low, and you get a funny, distorted face. But on the red carpet, cameras come at you from all angles and it’s impossible to pose perfectly for everyone. So I think you just need to have fun with it — because it shows if you don’t!

Heidi, so smart — that America’s Next Top Model guest-judge slot is calling your name.

Which types of products are essential for any evening bag?
Evening bags are getting smaller and smaller so I can only fit the bare necessities in my clutch for red carpet touch-ups. I keep Beauty Rush blotting sheets, a Very Sexy powder compact and small blush brush, and the Very Sexy lip gloss or lipstick shade I’m wearing for the evening. I check my makeup about every hour to make sure everything is in place. Then I’ll use the blotting sheets, which are great alternatives to powder because you won’t wind up with an inch of makeup on by the end of the night. But powder and gloss are equally important to keep your makeup looking fresh and pretty. My super-secret tip is I can’t fit the powder compact into a very tiny evening bag, I’ll take some shavings of the pressed powder wrapped in a tissue!

Such a good spokeswoman, isn’t she? Sounds like she would be the perfect guest judge on America’s Next Top Model for a “red carpet” challenge. That is, if she and Tyra Banks can share the same stage without engaging in a vamp off. If it got really vicious we suppose Klum could throw bits of pressed powder in Banks’ face and blind her.

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Heidi Klum Keeps Scraps of Face Powder in Her Purse