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Hooded Looks Rule at Mara Hoffman

We didn’t steal this coat. But we thought about it.Photo: Getty Images

An hour after it ended, everyone was still buzzing over the Mara Hoffman show, and not because of its connection to any MTV reality shows. First of all, the models looked really hot, even for models. Second, Hoffman’s collection was totally accessible. She showed long hooded dresses with figure-flattering prints and hooded coats that we had to resist snatching straight from the runway. Luckily, we exercised a little restraint.

“We went the idea of this journeywoman going through different deserts and lands and collecting different textiles,” Hoffman said backstage after the show. She avoided “skimpy little whatevers — which are really hot and cute, but we wanted clothes we would wear.”

We especially loved the Mara bag, which Hoffman said was inspired by a vintage fisherman’s vest. So imagine if you had a vest that went over your ass, the top half of which was made of leather straps and both sides had roomy pockets for your cell phone and lipstick. Just trust us on this one. Hoffman calls it the “anti-purse.” We weren’t anti anything about it. Especially during this week, when we’re schlepping tape recorders, BlackBerrys, cell phones, notepads, show tickets, flasks… —Amy Odell

Hooded Looks Rule at Mara Hoffman