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How Marc Jacobs Started (Almost) on Time, and Why Rachel Zoe Was Late

You poor, poor darling… Jacobs and Zoe commiserate at last night’s party.Photo: Wenn

Marc Jacobs kicked off last night’s show punctually at 7:20 p.m. — we told you on time was the new trend! — leaving the likes of Nina Garcia to tiptoe in halfway through, and Rachel Zoe to throw a screaming tantrum when she was completely shut out. We just happened to be chatting with Jacobs at the after-party at 24 Lexington Avenue when Zoe showed up to tell him the whole sorry tale.

RZ: Marc! [air kisses]

MJ: We were already dressed five minutes before the show was about to start, and I went out onstage and I said “Everybody sit down, I’m starting the fucking show!”

RZ: Literally, Marc, it took me 45 minutes to go twenty blocks. I get out of the car, I get to the gate, they’re like, “It’s started,” and I go “You don’t understand, he’s my friend, I gotta fucking get in there!” I was so mad.

MJ: I know, Jason told me.

RZ: Oh my God, I was so mad.

We asked Jacobs how he managed to start just twenty minutes late for once. “We were ready to start ten minutes before time,” he said, “but we kept getting told that we had to wait for the audience, which is why I went onstage and I said ‘Come on, guys, I wanna start.’” Jacobs said this was the first time he had started so soon. “We just showed less clothes. We did what we could do in the time we had,” he said.

Then we coaxed more details from Zoe. “I am so upset right now,” she said. “I was working really late and I left on time for the show and it should have taken seven minutes to get there and it took 45. And I missed it and he’s one of my best friends and I literally almost burst into tears at the gate. It was horrible.”

You probably didn’t know it would start on time, we said sympathetically. “I wasn’t even that late!” she exclaimed. “It took 45 minutes to get there. I’m gonna watch it right now, and tonight I’m gonna watch it with Marc so it’s not the end of the world, but I’m really sad.”
Fiona Byrne

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How Marc Jacobs Started (Almost) on Time, and Why Rachel Zoe Was Late