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It’s Kid Nation at the Tents!

We bet Astley doesn’t let her daughter watch
The Hills.Photo: Getty Images

We love seeing children at the tents. Their youth reminds us that all human life is innocent and special and deserving of love, even those lives whose job it is to hold clipboards and scream all day. But today there were a lot of kids running about, and we couldn’t help but think there were a few business opportunities just waiting for a struggling young model looking to make an extra buck or two in New York’s thriving child-care industry.

Exhibit A: At least three children were spotted on laps in the front row alone at Abaeté.

Exhibit B: Teen Vogue editrix Amy Astley had her daughter at Alexander Wang. In front of us, another 4-year-old was putting on the makeup from the gift bag.

Exhibit C: In line for Mara Hoffman, we overheard the following: “Yes, we’re going to see the BIG, TALL girls. They’re going to walk by us in DRESSES. Your first fashion show!” Then we almost tripped on a stroller containing a child who cared way more about touching her tongue with her finger than she did about bias cuts.

Exhibit D: Backstage, one photographer asked two knee-high girls in matching outfits if they’d pose for a picture. One promptly threw her arm around the other, pursed her lips, and cocked her hip to the side. The other threw her hand up by her head and raised her eyebrows. On a related note, Tyra Banks should really not be shown to children. —Amy Odell

It’s Kid Nation at the Tents!