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Jean Paul Gaultier Blows PETA a Big Kiss

On the left, fox; on the right, crocodile.Photo: Getty Images, imaxtree

What kind of fur did Jean Paul Gaultier send down the runway in Paris yesterday? The Wall Street Journal’s Christina Binkley was there, and she can explain:

Not sanitized mink and fox coats … visceral fur: a fox coat with two fox heads swinging back and forth on the model’s back — noses, eyes, teeth and all. A crocodile coat with the big lizard’s skinned tail trailing down to the floor. Animal heads, legs, tails and feet and claws rode the models’ heads or swung from their shoulders all the way down the runway.

It’s hard to imagine the fashion industry without fur, but this just sounds over the top. Hilary Alexander notes Gaultier even had wolves howling on the soundtrack. How tasteful.

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Jean Paul Gaultier Blows PETA a Big Kiss