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Narciso: Seinfelds Return! Amy Adams Suspiciously Normal!

Jessica hides spinach in Jerry’s brownies.Photo: Getty Images

Whenever we arrive at a show and see a huge line snaking along the building and way down the street, it’s always a relief to see that people like Tim Gunn and Plum Sykes are languishing in the same queue. For one thing, it’s confirmation that we didn’t accidentally get in line for Tequila Tuesday at some bar (it’s hard to miss a show and justify it to your boss by saying, “Sorry — I was sucking on a lime at the time”), and for another, it’s warm reassurance that having a fatter shoe budget wouldn’t have gotten us in any faster.

Having Amy Adams’s face might have, though. After setting up camp in the Proenza Schouler front row long before even a fifth of the attending journalists made it there on Monday evening, Adams was among the first to be seated at Narciso Rodriguez’s exhibition Tuesday night; she was well settled in by the time we set foot in the venue. Somebody really ought to send her a handy list of tips for how to act like a total freaking diva, so she stops being so damn good-natured and punctual all the time. By Hollywood standards, it’s practically unseemly. Instead of acting put-out that nobody with a camera had yet noticed her, Adams contentedly snuggled up to her cute date and seemed hugely gratified when, several minutes later, photographers finally took an interest.

Amy did not, however, get a nod from longtime Narciso supporter Jessica Seinfeld, who swept in from backstage alongside husband Jerry minutes before the show began and settled directly across from Adams. Perhaps they simply haven’t met, or perhaps the Seinfelds deliberately boycotted Enchanted in case their kids would prefer it to Jerry’s movie about the bee. At any rate, Rodriguez must have been relieved to have the Seinfelds back in his audience after they missed last season’s display, as it quelled any rumors we might’ve been tempted to start about burning feuds and catfights in lily ponds. Plus, he needed all the support he could get, considering that show regulars like Julianna Margulies and Rachel Weisz were absent (courtesy of a new baby and a role in The Lovely Bones, respectively).

Jerry seemed his usual bemused and amused self amid the hubbub, giving short yet dry remarks to reporters, and letting Jessica guide him through the crowd and futz with his suit buttons. Surprisingly, he did legitimately crack up at a few of her whispered comments (who knew the comedy thing went both ways in that relationship?), and when asked about attending such events, he shrugged and said, with a wry grin, “It makes my wife happy.” Though we did catch his gaze periodically drifting away from the models and up toward the people in the standing-room section. Clearly, Jerry is as fascinated by Fashion Week people-watching as we are, and we eagerly await the day he publishes a book called What. Is The Deal. With Leggings?!? That is, if we haven’t beaten him to it. —The Fug Girls

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Narciso: Seinfelds Return! Amy Adams Suspiciously Normal!