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Fugs: Frenchwoman Wears Turban, Christina Milian’s Hair Just Looks Like One

She smiles for she is The Roitfeld and you are not!Photo: Getty Images

It’s not often that you see a turban out in the wilds, especially not on the head of someone who (a) isn’t Melania Trump — in which case it would be made of fur — or (b) sporting it for religious reasons. So unless Julia Reston-Roitfeld has just joined the Church of Dynasty, she might well be the first person since the eighties that we’ve seen flaunting this very special headgear as though it were no more unusual than a bun.

Julia sat arm-to-toothpick with her mother, French Vogue editrix Carine Roitfeld at the BCBG show in the tents this afternoon. We’d love to tell you that they spent the entire show making faces and throwing paper airplanes at tragic socialite Olivia Palermo, but alas, no such drama. Well, not as far as we know; we admittedly got too distracted by the pretty clothes to notice.

Safely out of the Roitfelds’ theoretical firing range: a whole horde of celebrities, many of whom were kicking back and relaxing after participating in the Heart Truth show this morning. Mary-Lynn Rajskub of 24 (who you’d never know was pregnant if you looked at her straight on) appeared moderately terrified by the crush of reporters and photographers who descended on her when she appeared. Ugly Betty’s Ana Ortiz, sporting bangs, seemed so thrilled to be there that we’re sure someone would be later forced to coach her on how to keep a Fashion Week Poker Face. (Tip 1: Imagine you just made accidental eye contact with Anna Wintour. Tip 2: Try not get so into Tip 1 that you start crying.) Christina Milian wins Best Hair for her follicular ode to Jackie O.; her bouffant — in many ways, a hair turban — was so poufy that we wondered if it concealed snacks.

We struggled to identify the seatmate of Curb Your Enthusiasm’s Cheryl Hines, whose surprisingly giant head blocked our view for ages and made us relieved we weren’t sitting behind her. Turns out she was next to actress Laura Benanti, presumably invited because she’s got an ABC show to promote called Eli Stone, but whom we — shamefully — will always remember from Take the Lead, a.k.a. that dance movie starring Antonio Banderas and the wicked Yaya from Top Model. Joss Stone also made an appearance, and of course there was BCBG regular (and current K-Fed co-worker) Sophia Bush, who looked disappointingly dowdy for such a pretty girl — and considering her Fashion Week attendance at Max Azria’s shows is so stellar, she should’ve had the pick of the BCBG litter when it came to getting dressed. Sophia also had a bit of a problem finding her seat, though, so maybe it was rough morning for her all around.

Having a better go of it was the World’s Hottest Male Supermodel, Tyson Beckford, who really is VERY GOOD-LOOKING in person. He stayed in the front row long after the others had flocked backstage, gamely answering questions while often bashfully glancing at the floor. We overheard him name-checking his pick for the winner of Make Me a Supermodel — ;apparently he wants some dude named Perry to take it all (“He reminds me of me”), but because Ms. Faux-prah Banks isn’t on that show, we haven’t actually seen it. But the best words of wisdom came when, prompted by a reporter’s question about fitness, Tyson waxed rhapsodic on the virtues of working one’s abdomen: “Your abs are the core of your being. You never see [a guy] with good abs and fat legs.” Damn, that’s insightful. Forget what we said before — maybe he can beat Tyra at her own game. —The Fug Girls

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Fugs: Frenchwoman Wears Turban, Christina Milian’s Hair Just Looks Like One