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Leigh Lezark and Arden Wohl Talk Politics at the Prada Party

Leigh Lezark, thrilled to have voted.Photo: Getty Images

After our encounter with non-voting starlets at the Monique Lhuillier show yesterday morning, we were left with low expectations for the civic-mindedness of the fashion masses. But we found our hopes redeemed. Ryan Adams, in the front row of Rodarte, wouldn’t divulge his vote — “I don’t really mix politics with, like, rock,” he said — but he was wearing a pin that read “Stop Nuclear War,” so at least we know he thinks about issues. His seatmate, Kim Gordon, said that she’d absentee voted in Massachusetts. Her vote? Obama: “I like his wife. If I could vote for a woman, I wanted to vote for a woman I like.”

Later that night, we hit up the always great party at the Prada store. Aside from Richie Rich, who had a photo shoot, and Chace Crawford, who’s registered in Texas and simply forgot, most of the people there had either voted or had good excuses for why they hadn’t. Jerry Bruckheimer, a McCain supporter who couldn’t vote because he’s registered Independent, laughed when we asked if he was keeping up with the results via BlackBerry: “Don’t think I haven’t already.” Clinton supporter Mickey Boardman, who was getting periodic updates from his boss Kim Hastreiter, seemed upset that no one was reporting how Hillary had won over the gays. “Every gay I know voted for her!” he said. “Jacob Bernstein from Women’s Wear Daily had a theory, and I agree, that gays love her because we all had domineering mothers, and she reminds us of them.”

We asked Arden Wohl (Obama supporter) and Leigh Lezark (wouldn’t say last night, though she has admitted to liking Obama) even got in a heated discussion in front of us:

Arden: I am an Independent. I was not allowed.

Leigh: I voted. You know, it wasn’t crazy publicized that you vote today. I was watching CNN and was like, “Oh no!” I’m very young. I’m 21. I’ve only voted once. I forgot how thrilling it was to pull that lever. As long as a Democrat wins over a Republican, I’m very happy.

New York: So why aren’t you watching the returns?

Leigh: I was watching them! And then my cable went crappy. So, Time Warner, get your shit together. I’m here because my cable broke and my Internet is shanty.

New York: Which candidate has better style?

Arden: That’s such a lame question. I think that Barack Obama’s wife, she’s very intellectual and great, but I think she puts on, like, fake wrinkles. Because she has this young face and then all of a sudden she had wrinkles.

Leigh Lezark and Arden Wohl Talk Politics at the Prada Party