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London Fashion Week’s Front Rows Are Way Different, Grungier Than New York’s

Kelly Osbourne doesn’t wear cocktail dresses early.Photo: WireImage

Today marks the third day of London Fashion Week, and we’re already envious of the front rows there. The celebrities look like they came from the “They’re just like us” section of Us Weekly rather than the centerfolds of Vogue. Somehow, it just felt awkward to see celebrities in full-on red-carpet attire at 11 a.m. in New York. (Think how you’d feel if your cubicle neighbor showed up dressed for Socialista rather than work.) But London is different, according to the Times:

It is such a diametrically different approach to the front-row attire usually required to attend New York fashion shows (full cocktail wear) which last week were graced by the usual mêlée of the preternaturally youthful (Demi Moore and Madonna) and the preternaturally groomed (Victoria Beckham). Tad Safran—who created a furore in this newspaper when he suggested that, compared with impeccably glossy Manhattanites, British women looked more like a fungal infection than a female—would have had a field day. But here creativity is expected to look grungy: it always has and always will.

That means Kelly Osbourne wearing heart-shaped sunglasses was at home on the front row of Topshop’s Unique presentation Sunday morning. Joining her was Pixie Geldof, a London socialite party girl, and “any number of girls with a … brutal 1960s fringe.” We’re glad we’re not the only ones who think 11 a.m. and dressing up just don’t go together. We never thought we’d say this, but thank you, Kelly Osbourne.

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London Fashion Week’s Front Rows Are Way Different, Grungier Than New York’s