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Lots of Celebs, Tight Dresses at Morning Léger Show

Mandy can breathe in this dress, and you can’t.Photo: Getty Images

You’d think that the one thing you wouldn’t have to worry about with Hervé Léger’s iconic bandage dresses would be having any of your body parts fall out, but tell that to Joy Bryant’s nipple, which we inadvertently spied peeking out of her tangerine frock as we squeezed past her at the Léger show this morning. She, appropriately enough, seemed to be talking about wine at the time.

The show was a celebra-palooza, packed with starlets in a series of skintight dresses courtesy of the label. It’s true what they say: Those things are really flattering. Well, unless a stray boob escapes. We spied the ubiquitous Sophia Bush, as well as some fresh starlet faces. Speaking of faces, the work Rose McGowan allegedly did to hers must have settled in a bit, because she looked better than we expected and is sticking with red hair for now.

Ginnifer Goodwin looked very old-school Katie Holmes with long, wavy hair, speaking to reporters about her fondness for vintage and how thrilled she is finally to be at Fashion Week. Emily Deschanel shone tall and lovely in black, and Leigh Lezark looked almost too thin to fill out her frock. Joss Stone showed up again, to our yawning indifference, and Christina Milian sported an elaborate ponytail that had us hoping she was tipping her hairdresser well this week. Her Fashion Week omnipresence continues to outpace her level of notoriety in the actual world, so maybe she should tip her handlers here, too.

Everyone seemed unusually jolly. Well, except for Melissa George, who had to wait while photographers fawned over Bryant before she could push past to her seat. When Mandy Moore arrived (swathed in a canary-colored trench), she caught sight of Friday Night LightsMinka Kelly, squealed with glee, and gave her a huge hug. Minka looked a bit tired — breaking up with John Mayer will do that to a girl. Just ask Jessica Simpson.

But the best treat: our first glimpse of the Anna. Her Bob-jesty arrived early and sat calmly and quietly while the celeb maelstrom swirled around her. Perhaps simply writing about her made her appear. Now if only we could do that with a pizza. —The Fug Girls

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Lots of Celebs, Tight Dresses at Morning Léger Show