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Manolo Blahnik Disgusted by Hollywood Actresses in His Shoes

Two likely Blahnik offenders: Vanity Fair’s Hollywood issue and
Sarah Jessica Parker on the set of the Sex and the City movie.Photo: WireImage

As you no doubt learned before your 12th-birthday, Manolo Blahnik is not just a shoe, but an actual human being. Today we are amusingly reminded that Mr. Blahnik is a real person, one who chooses words like “dreadful” when describing four top Hollywood actresses on the latest cover of a “smart society magazine.” Well, censor he doth not. Jezebel notes it’s likely that the “smart society” magazine is Vanity Fair’s Hollywood issue since the four Hollywood actresses on its cover are wearing Manolos. We too were less than thrilled with the cover’s styling because (a) those dress colors are best left to weddings and Neapolitan ice cream and (b) some girls are randomly bottomless while others have full skirts, which strikes us as nonsensical when setting a “scene.” Blahnik added, “I’m totally confused. I don’t even know what taste is anymore. Frankly, I can’t bear to buy magazines. I just get so upset.” (Clearly he hadn’t seen our shiny, new fashion issue, but we digress.)

Blahnik also earns keeping-it-real points for disliking the ginormous platforms we’ve been seeing on runways lately, which caused Karen Elson to fall during New York Fashion Week. He also suffers from insomnia, which leaves him compulsively watching movies by his favorite Italian directors in the wee hours. We hope his Visconti affinity steers him clear of the Sex and the City movie — which will undoubtedly feature lots of Manolos and talking about Manolos — because some costumes from that movie are looking a bit scary, and the poor man’s already confused enough as is.

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Manolo Blahnik Disgusted by Hollywood Actresses in His Shoes