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Marc Jacobs Wears His SpongeBob on His Sleeve

Would you like to touch his SpongeBob?Photo: WireImage

Marc Jacobs loves SpongeBob SquarePants. “I just think the colors of that particular cartoon are really beautiful and really sophisticated and interesting,” Jacobs said last night at the party for the screening of Marc Jacobs and Louis Vuitton, the documentary about the designer during his geekier brunette days which will run on the Sundance Channel next week. “I have a tattoo of him on my arm,” he added.

Would we see, um, SpongeBob on the runway for his fall ’08 collection? “I am a little superstitious to talk about a show before it happens,” Jacobs says. “Things always do change, and we could always add and take things out so I’m not really sure what it is until it’s done.” He did explain how he maintains his svelte figure. He’s replaced protein shakes with green vegetable juice, avoids sugar and caffeine, and hits the gym daily after five hours’ sleep. Hm. Suddenly we feel quite thick and slovenly! He added that he does indulge in a couple of daily power naps and the occasional afternoon iced coffee — so maybe he’s human after all.

On another note, inquiries have poured into the designer’s office since we reported Jacobs wanted his own reality show. Jacobs said he’s received “a couple of interesting propositions” but hasn’t had time to deal with them. Maybe he could make room in his schedule if he cut out a nap? —Amy Odell

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Marc Jacobs Wears His SpongeBob on His Sleeve