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Gucci Is More Menkes Than Horyn; Scientists Save Your Tights!

This frock, while totally covetable, probably won’t
change anyone’s world.Photo: Getty

• Cathy Horyn thinks diversity on the runway is really important, especially since emerging markets like Russia, China, and Brazil are quickly becoming significant consumers of designer clothes. Horyn also writes of the Gucci collection, “It’s clear we can’t expect world-creating fashion from Frida Giannini.” Ouch. [NYT]

• Suzy Menkes, on the other hand, calls Giannini “cliché” but finds her fall collection “covetable” and luxurious. [IHT]

• Scientists have devised a material that can mend itself when broken. This means we could soon have artificial bone cartilage, bouncy glass that won’t break, and, most important, SELF-MENDING STOCKINGS! [Times Online]

• A poll assessing the overall appearance of Oscar-nominated actresses ranks Ellen Page tops in the Best Actress category and Ruby Dee as the front-runner for Best Supporting Actress. So, you know, screw talent — because we all know this is the kind of success that truly matters in Hollywood. [WWD]

• Shampoo is going out of style. Dirtier hair holds styles like trendy beehives and waves better than clean hair, so fewer stylish young women are washing daily. [NYT]

• A Muji flagship is opening in midtown this spring. [Racked]

Lost star Marsh Thomason picked a fight with Victoria Gotti in Vegas because of her waist-length fur coat. [NYP]

Gucci Is More Menkes Than Horyn; Scientists Save Your Tights!