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Are Anna Wintour and Europe Slowly Going to War?

Anna might want to trade that water for a good
stiff one.Photo: AFP/Getty Images

You know what? We’re just going to go ahead and say it: Clearly some Europeans are hinting at war with Vogue editor Anna Wintour. Yesterday we learned Giorgio Armani said he was “indifferent” to her Bobness while he was standing onstage right next to her during a press conference for the Costume Institute Gala’s “Superheroes” exhibit. We thought this little smack may have been because, as Giorgio mentioned, Wintour once said that “the Armani era is over.” Hiss! And apparently Wintour also wrote letters to Italian designers asking them to show over a shorter amount of time so American editors didn’t have to spend so much time in Milan at a time when the dollar is so weak! So now it’s getting ugly, non? From the Guardian:

Now that is a bold statement indeed! Gauntlet dropped. And Vogue didn’t exactly feature any items by Cavalli in this month’s issue either. Young designers in Milan, however, had difficulty attracting editors to their shows as the schedule was compressed from seven to four days. So Wintour gets what she wants for Milan, effectively, and, um, no one’s happy?

Anna, we wish you luck in Paris.

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Are Anna Wintour and Europe Slowly Going to War?