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Nicole Miller Makes Sure We Get Our Alcohol

This lady takes care of us.Photo:

Few designers like to admit that a lot goes awry before a show, but after her show this evening, Nicole Miller didn’t think twice about confessing the earlier snags: One model dropped out today, three models arrived late, panty hose weren’t dyed dark enough, one parka didn’t arrive until late yesterday afternoon, and she had only four weeks to create the whole collection. No stress there or anything.

Despite the snafus, the show was impressive, featuring structured evening gowns with delicious open backs and tasteful metallic fabrics. The resulting look was a departure for Miller. “I started with kind of a coat-of-arms idea, and I was looking at all that sort of ancient heraldic stuff and I got on this Joan of Arc thing,” Miller said backstage, holding an almost-empty glass of Champagne. “Then I thought it was a year for powerful, strong women, with Hillary running for president and everything.” She added that she’d like to see Hillary don more stylish suits, perhaps with color-blocking or interesting draping.

Miller accepted a second glass of Moët. How’s she celebrating this evening? “Well, drinking Champagne first. Would you like some?” Yes! “Will you get her some Champagne?” she asked an attendant, pointing to us. Note to Nicole Miller: You are good people. —Amy Odell

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Nicole Miller Makes Sure We Get Our Alcohol