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Oy: Amy Winehouse Is Launching a Beauty Line

We’re surprised too, Amy.Photo: FilmMagic

London’s brewing up just what you need to usher in a fresh look for spring. Just kidding! Instead, Amy Winehouse is launching a line of beauty products and clothes. The line will include hairspray, liquid eyeliner, head scarves, and perfumes. Okay: Maybe we get the first three, but perfume? We love the girl, but is there a scent associated with Winehouse other than the classic cigarette-booze cocktail? We’re also having a really hard time picturing a polished Amy Winehouse in glossy magazine ads selling this stuff. In fact, we’re not sure we’ve ever really seen her look cleaned up. Someone in the fashion industry told the Sun, “I think this stuff would sell very well in London. She has become a fashion icon despite not always looking too fresh.” And so she’s meeting with fashion and beauty experts this week to get started on making these very products that, well, don’t make her look “too fresh.”

We’re getting a bit nervous here. First hair-washing goes out the window, then this? What’s next, giving yourself rashes in pretty patterns? Not brushing a tooth so it turns a lovely spring shade of yellow? No — Amy Winehouse may try to get us to smell like her, but no one will ever take our soap or toothpaste away from us.

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Oy: Amy Winehouse Is Launching a Beauty Line