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PETA Finally Gets Aggressive at Donna Karan

Susan Sarandon, the poster child for Botox restraint.Photo: Getty Images

When we emerged from the cab at the Donna Karan show on Friday afternoon, we finally got our first gander at some PETA protesters. There were only two of them, but they had gone all out, as apparently Donna Karan is currently PETA’s Public Enemy Number One, judging from how people are breaking into her house and whatnot. They were both wearing masks of Donna Karan’s face (not, we must admit, a flattering photo) splashed with blood, holding signs indicating that — in their opinion — Donna might be doing some nasty things to wee little bunny rabbits and beating stuffed bunnies with sticks. Everyone ignored them.

Except, perhaps, Rachel Zoe, who swept into the event in a full-length leopard coat with giant fur cuffs. The coat was either a reaction to the colder weather or a not very subtly coded message to PETA. We also spotted a fur-free Susan Sarandon, who looked fantastic but spent a good five minutes trying to figure out which of the many locked doors at the venue she was supposed to jimmy so she could get in and sit down. Eventually the PR girls scampered over and ushered her through the backstage entrance and to her seat, where she spent the show bopping along to the music and commenting to her seatmates about nearly each look. It pleases us to report that Ms. Sarandon has not gone overboard on the Botox, as her face moved with great expressiveness. She pulled a “yikes” face at one outfit, shook her head at another, but mouthed “GORGEOUS” at a black coat and said, “That’s pretty” to a drapey gown. She also gave Donna Karan a huge smile, a hug, and a kiss when the designer came out for her bows. Karan looked pretty exhausted, but we can’t say we blame her. It’s been quite a week. —The Fug Girls

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PETA Finally Gets Aggressive at Donna Karan