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Roberto Cavalli, Imminent Reality-TV Star, Be Clubbin’

Roberto Cavalli on Project Runway.Photo: Courtesy of Bravo

Roberto Cavalli is on the fast track to becoming fashion’s Hugh Hefner: He’s often embedded in a throng of hot ladies, and WWD reports today that not only is he opening nightclubs around the world, but Cavalli also has a television show in the works. The first Cavalli Club will open in October in Dubai (a.k.a. East Vegas, but with class), also the site of a Cavalli-designed 80-story skyscraper that houses private residences. Of the club, Cavalli told WWD, “Everything will be Cavalli, from the furniture down to the ice holder and the dishes.” Leopard, giraffe, and zebra prints — oh my!

Cavalli will also turn his restaurant in Milan into a Cavalli Club and plans to open others in London and Miami. No designs on a New York club have been reported just yet, but we think it’s inevitable. We are, after all, if nothing else, in heavy supply of models and bottles.

But what we’re really hoping is that we get to see this all come together on reality TV, which sounds like a very real (zing!) possibility. Cavalli told WWD he plans to “[present] a TV show in New York — it’s in the works.” And here’s where it gets INTERESTING! The paper most cryptically adds:

Cavalli said he “loved” doing “Project Runway” with Tyra Banks during the opening of his Just Cavalli boutique last September and that the former model’s agent is in talks with him for a show of his own.

Wait — wha? We know Banks and Heidi Klum both have reality-TV shows, but don’t we all know Banks is the Mistress of Models and Klum is the Mistress of the Designers? We can’t recall Cavalli appearing on America’s Next Top Model — which is not something we would have forgotten — so we’ll assume the paper meant Heidi Klum. (Another interesting question: Was it WWD’s faux pas, or Cavalli’s?) Nevertheless could you imagine the fabulosity of Banks and Cavalli? TVs across the nation would explode in gay glee. We’ll follow-up on the quote confusion, just in case, and let you know if your televisions are, in fact, in any danger.

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Roberto Cavalli, Imminent Reality-TV Star, Be Clubbin’