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Super Bowl Reduces Tuleh to a Ghost Town

Only charming when the game’s not on.Photo: Getty Images

When we saw Nigel Barker Saturday after Sass & Bide, he was cheerfully fielding questions from reporters from Us Weekly and Life & Style and posing for nearly a dozen pictures. You know, the usual Nigel Barker scene.

But last night we caught him after Tuleh because he was the only person to catch. And under any other circumstances we’d clarify that he was the only famous person to catch — but nope, it was pretty much tumbleweeds last night. So what did Nigel think of the show? “I don’t know. I couldn’t see it,” he said and hurried down the runway. Interesting: He sat in the front row, not too far down the runway. Maybe he would’ve rather been somewhere else? Perhaps on a couch in front of a high-definition device of some sort?

Perhaps the noted fashion photographer should have taken a cue from Candace Bushnell and Michael Richards, who never showed to claim their front-row seats. We mean, the bloggers were in row one. The show was THAT empty. We never thought we’d say this, but perhaps a Super Bowl party — chips, dip, and all — would have been the cooler place to be last night. No offense to designer Bryan Bradley. —Amy Odell

Super Bowl Reduces Tuleh to a Ghost Town