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The Donald Hands Out Mints at Michael Kors

It’s 65 degrees out. Don’t forget your fur shrug!Photo: Getty Images

There is something comforting about walking into a show and finding Donald Trump already seated and looking resplendent in the front row, as we discovered Wednesday morning at Michael Kors. The Donald was, of course, accompanied by wife Melania and spent most of the show sharing a running commentary with her, patting her leg, and passing out mints to the people around him. His hair is as majestic as always.

Also majestic: the occupant of a few seats down, Sigourney Weaver, who is as tall and good-looking and refreshingly non-starletlike as you could imagine. She was seated next to Natasha Richardson — who, thanks to her chin-length bob and glasses, suddenly looks freakishly like Kim Cattrall, which is maybe something she might want to re-think. Richardson spent much of the show chatting with her other seatmate, Bravo’s Andy Cohen, whom we spied singing along to Madonna’s “Hollywood” during the show.

A few seats down from the Andy Cohen Karaoke Machine was a very pretty and blonde-looking Ellen Pompeo alongside husband Chris Ivery. (We also spotted them earlier, patiently waiting in line for seat assignments with the rest of us plebes. But don’t worry. The PR girls rescued them from that special hell.) In a repeat of her Y-3 appearance, Pompeo was all charm, embracing Allure editor Linda Wells and romancing the PR people in charge of her seating. The Pompeo-Iverys were placed cheek by jowl with Pompeo’s Grey’s Anatomy co-star Eric “McSteamy” Dane and his wife, Rebecca Gayheart, who is sporting a new and kicky short haircut. The foursome seemed disappointingly cozy, chatting it up and laughing throughout the show. It’s so much more fun when we can spread rumors of a dramatic rift, but no such luck this time.

No dramatic diva shenanigans from the likes of Debra Messing, either, who was the meat in a Rachel Zoe–Mr. Debra Messing sandwich way down at the end of the runway. She greeted Zoe with an enthusiastic hug, and they both seemed to eat up Kors’s Hitchcockian frocks with relish. Now they don’t have to eat lunch!

Also spotted: Joy Bryant, Carine Roitfeld, who was texting during the show; Eva Longoria Parker, who was shoved into a kind of cruddy seat way at the edge of the runway; and Angie Harmon, to whom Kors blew an enthusiastic kiss while taking his triumphant runway strut. One of our seatmates told us that Raquel Welch was swarmed by photographers backstage, but we didn’t see her at the show. Pity: We bet she gives good front row. — The Fug Girls

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The Donald Hands Out Mints at Michael Kors