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The Unwavering Wisdom of Diddy

So, like, does he have mo’ problems nowadays?
Just wondering.Photo: Getty Images

Kudos to the Daily News for today’s P. Diddy — er, excuse us, we mean Sean Combsprofile. They caught the Maker of Bands as he prepared for his Sean John show and managed to gather a stellar selection of quotations from His Diddy-ness. (Sorry! We mean Combs-ness. We can’t keep up with what he wants to be called.) So rather than comment, we’ll just let his words — nay, his TRUTHS — speak for themselves.

On stress management:
“I try to breathe.… Breathing is important, taking deep breaths.”

On the line’s inspiration:
“This is a new world…a new America.… It will be reflective of the future.”

On the line’s inspiration, part two:
“I’m telling this magical story in my head,” he says, “that this is the year 2020 in the kingdom of Harlem. The young prince returns, after the wars and all of that, returns to claim his throne.”

On the line’s inspiration, part three, and his own importance:
“Every great king falls in love with a woman, and we all have to admit it, if you fall in love with a woman she affects your style. She inspires your style, she changes the way you look and you walk and you talk and you act…and you see the style getting more modern, more forward.”

On this figurative “king” and his own importance:
“If we had a child that had the bloodline of Grace Jones, David Bowie, Lagerfeld, P. Diddy, David Beckham… That’s actually his family. That’s his bloodline.”

On slapping design schools in the face and his own importance:
“When I see the young kids coming in there and they’re inspired and you know that they go to the other shows and the reality may not be as close, when I see their faces and they come and they sneak backstage, they know it can be done. If I can do it — I didn’t go to Parsons or FIT or nothing — they know that they can do it.”

On who’s the best-dressed and his own importance:
“We picked a night to show when all the people that have inspired me [are showing].… Marc Jacobs and Donna Karan, Ralph Lauren… I want to make sure that I’m on that day when everyone’s putting on their outfits to go to those shows.”

Wait — we’re going to those shows! Goodness, we feel disturbingly validated.

The Unwavering Wisdom of Diddy