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How Not to Market the Justin Timberlake Scent

Bringing scented back.Photo: Getty Images

Today’s WWD brings news that Justin Timberlake will “front” a scent for Givenchy this fall. Apparently, Timberlake had nothing to do with the creation of the scent but did smell it before he signed his contract, noting, “it’s cool.” Shouldn’t the operative word have been “sexy”?

Alain Lorenzo, the president of Givenchy, gets all gushy over Timberlake, calling him “multitalented,” “one of the sexiest men in the world,” and a “trendsetter.” To that we say, oh come on — we all know the real reasons they picked Timberlake, and they’re called “sexy back” and “pun intended.” We’re already cringing over the plays on those words that will pop up in the commercials. So, Givenchy, please do us a favor and make sure to avoid all of the following scenarios:

1. Suggesting the scent will make a man’s tush smell nice.

2. Timberlake physically giving his “sexy” to someone in a wrapped package and then–oh wait!--it’s cologne! And the models go wild.

3. Timberlake losing his “sexy” and getting all inwardly nervous and panicked and then relaxes and returns to suave when he puts on the cologne. And the models go wild.

4. A mysterious stranger steals Timberlake’s sexy from his bedside table in the middle of the night. Timberlake wakes up at 2 a.m., sees his bottle of sexy is missing, and sniffs out the thief (literally). His nose leads him to a nightclub, where inside he finds the culprit, clearly a loser dude that just needed to know what it was like to be cool. Timberlake sees the loser dude has models all around him for the first time in his life, and the rage on his face melts into a grin. So Timby grabs a scotch on the rocks, takes a seat next to the dude, toasts him, and they party into the night. And the models go wild.

Actually, that last one might be kind of fun.

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How Not to Market the Justin Timberlake Scent