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Non-Runway Models Are the Real Winners

Tonight we overheard the following conversation in the Imperial Vodka lounge, between a male promo model and another random staffer from God knows where, and learned about life as a non-runway model:

Random Staffer: So do you want to do runway?

Male Model: No.

RS: Yeah, it pays shit.

MM: And it’s hard.

RS: Yeah, you have to be so skinny. And then you see these guys on the street, and sometimes they just look weird. But commercial models can be shorter and stuff. Who are you signed with?

MM: Ford.

RS: Do they keep you busy?

MM: It fills my days. I mean, it’s not bad. I get a lot of free booze and stuff.

RS: Yeah, I always wondered who, like, these Evian girls handing out water are.

MM: Oh, dude — it’s so easy. They just have to put on a dress and stand there. And it’s, like, so much easier to do this than a restaurant job. You don’t do shit.

Yeah. Take that, Gemma. —Amy Odell

Non-Runway Models Are the Real Winners