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Soho Topshop to Sell Candy, New Unique Line, and More Kate Moss

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We’ve got some tasty new details on the new Soho Topshop, where we’ve confirmed construction is well under way (they finally signed the lease on Friday). The gargantuan store will be as similar to the London flagship as possible and will include the “sweet shop” candy section (beware, Dylan Lauren). Merch will include designer collections, the new Unique line, and, ahem, more from the Kate Moss collection. Yeah, it’s confirmed: Kate Moss has signed on to design three more collections for the store, including a spring/summer transitional line, a high summer line, and an autumn/winter line. The Soho store, slated to open in October, will open carrying the autumn/winter collection, and if Moss signs on for more after that, rest assured that you won’t be deprived, like it or not.

Though Opening Ceremony currently sells the Kate Moss line (and Barneys currently is trying to, um, get rid of it), Topshop ships it to them, and they sell it at higher prices than what it retails for in the U.K. Topshop spokeswoman Amy Elderton said she was unsure if Opening Ceremony would continue to sell the line after the Soho store opens — but either way, Topshop customers in New York won’t feel the effects of the currently craptastic exchange rate. “It won’t be a straight conversion,” she reassured us. “It’s got to be pitched at exactly the same level in the market so it won’t feel more expensive than buying in the U.K.” And she said it in such a nice, calming voice. We appreciated that.

Zebra, a U.K.-based architectural firm specializing in retail interiors, is designing the interior of the Soho space. Topshop spokesman Andrew Leahy confirmed the company is still looking for spaces — one, possibly two additional New York stores, first reported a few months ago — but none of the locations (Herald Square is one rumored destination) that they’ve had their eye on have quite worked out just yet. But just you wait. And while you’re at it, get your kneepads ready. You’re going to need them for that October opening.

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Soho Topshop to Sell Candy, New Unique Line, and More Kate Moss