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Tragic Socialite Olivia Palermo Ventures Out at Preen!

Arden Wohl and Olivia Palermo.Photo: Getty Images

The Preen show Saturday afternoon felt a bit sparsely attended — perhaps everyone was at home fussing over their onion dip and hot wings in preparation for the Super Bowl? At one point, Leigh Lezark strolled in (having changed out of her Hervé Léger dress), took a gander at her front-row seat, and left. The headline “Leigh Lezark REJECTS Preen Over FRONT-ROW KERFUFFLE” popped immediately into our heads, but our dreams of breaking the news of a Fashion Week feud were dashed when Lezark later strolled in, looking totally cheery, and then spent the better part of the time before the show chatting enthusiastically with Cathy Horyn. Later, Lezark and be-headband-ed socialite Arden Wohl had a silent but animated exchange across the runway, which appeared to be about bangs, as both girls kept gesturing to their respective fringes. For those of you keeping notes, Arden’s headband had purple-and-green mirrors on it today, and her sparkly dress appeared to have a face on it. At least it didn’t appear to be her own face, à la Paris Hilton, but it was still creepy to gaze upon her maroon tights and then realize something was staring back at us.

Truth be told, though, Arden’s kooky sensibilities are totally growing on us. Sounds awfully nice, right? We’re just paying it forward. Arden herself was quite friendly to Tragic Socialite Olivia Palermo (TSOP), who always looks about five minutes away from bursting into tears at these things and maybe three years away from playing herself in Tragic Socialite — Not Without My Deep Conditioner: The Olivia Palermo Story on Lifetime. Arden pulled TSOP into a photo op, chatted her up during the show, and is basically the only person we’ve seen talking to her so far this week. Still, we have to give TSOP credit for refusing to sit at home eating ice cream and crying into her nail polish. Showing up is half the battle, and, if the war is being waged at Fashion Week, Olivia’s already beating Tinsley Mortimer at her own game. So hang in there, TSOP. And if all else fails, you might look into selling that Lifetime flick. We’ll totally watch it with popcorn. —The Fug Girls

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Tragic Socialite Olivia Palermo Ventures Out at Preen!