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Fashion Faces the Super Bowl; Halston Faces Resuscitation

These two just had to go and screw up everything.Photo: WireImage

• The scheduling conflict between Super Bowl Sunday and Fashion Week isn’t a huge problem, since the two fan bases are relatively separate. Or they were, until this one quarterback started dating a certain model… Now even Bryan Bradley understands if you want to skip his Tuleh show to catch the first quarter. [WWD]

• After over a decade of floundering, the Halston label has the potential for revival thanks to its sixth designer and a new crop of owners. [NYT]

• The designers who presented at yesterday’s Red Dress Collection won’t have their reward limited to just a Liza performance; Mme. Bush will host the designers at a White House reception on February 11. [WWD]

Project Runway castoff Victorya Hong’s show yesterday wasn’t that stellar, alas. [ShinyStyle]

• Like sands through the hourglass, Club Monaco rips off Chloé. [The Glossy] —Amy Odell

Fashion Faces the Super Bowl; Halston Faces Resuscitation