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Viktor & Rolf Confuses Us in a Whole New Way!

There are no words. Actually, yes there are. We just don’t understand why.Photo: Imaxtree

Viktor & Rolf, we need to talk. Guys, we know you’re wacky. A little quirky. And yo, we love that about you. That whole hanging-the-models-by-hooks thing last season? Freakin’ hilarious. Your old bed collection? Loved. But what was up with this whole “No” show you just did? The first look stopped us in our tracks. Are you … mad at us?

Thankfully, the lovely lads explained it: “We love fashion, but it’s going so fast. We wanted to say ‘No’ this season.” Well obviously it all makes sense now! Here we thought it was a commentary on the misogyny and sexism that women face every day and an in-your-face approach to violence. You know, “no means no”? Or maybe it’s a self-empowerment thing, like every time that construction guy hollers at you, you can just point at your Dream On coat and just keep on walking? Or after you break up with your boyfriend, you can wear your big fur Wow look and rock on with your bad self. No? It’s all about fashion and speed and time? You sure? Oh, okay. —Amina Akhtar

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Viktor & Rolf Confuses Us in a Whole New Way!