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Vivienne Westwood Gets Political; Marc’s Latest Escort Allegation

Westwood returns to London with subtle messages.Photo: Getty Images

• In her first London show in ten years, Vivienne Westwood’s highly anticipated return to the runway wasn’t short on politics. One model walked with a placard protesting for the rights of Guantánamo Bay prisoners and Westwood took her bow in a blouse covered in protest badges. [Telegraph]

• The head of the old Brad’s Buddies male escort service says Marc Jacobs used to be a patron. Excuse us while we feign shock. [NYDN]

• Washington-based beauty store Blue Mercury is opening on Broadway and 83rd Street because of its “stroller factor and hangout factor.” (Uh, Park Slope, you’re next!) It will offer spa treatments like facials and sell Nars and Trish McEvoy makeup, Supersmile toothpaste, Ren Clean Bio-Active Skincare, and Frédéric Fekkai hair care. [WWD]

• Kate Moss is a neighborhood nuisance no more. The presence of police, bodyguards, and paparazzi have led to reduced crime in her new north London neighborhood. [British Vogue]

• The French think their president Nicolas Sarkozy, who married former model Carla Bruni just 80 days after he met her, is crazy and thus compare him to Tom Cruise. We don’t quite make the connection, but Sarkozy’s nickname is “bling bling” because he likes Rolex watches — a connection we most certainly understand. [WP]

• Just for Men hair-color brand is introducing gray hair color for men who want to “fine-tune” their shade. You know, for the gentleman who wants things a little heavier on the salt, but lighter on the pepper. [WWD]

Vivienne Westwood Gets Political; Marc’s Latest Escort Allegation