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Let’s Take a Moment to Talk About Patricia Field

Fun(?) outfits from the Sex and the City movie.Photo: WireImage

For the edification of Cosmo sippers everywhere, Glamour’s style blogger, executive fashion editor Suze Yalof Schwartz, compiled a list of what Sex and the City costume stylist Patricia Field loves and hates. Schwartz writes, “There is nothing better than a stylist who is not only passionate but has a distinct point of view. A great stylist either loves it or hates it and there is nothing in between.” Why, we totally agree! However, we do not totally agree with Field’s love/hate list, which doesn’t surprise us because we’ve been far less than thrilled with what we’ve seen so far of the Sex and the City movie costuming. After the jump is Field’s list. We annotated it with notes on whether we agree [A], agree with conditions [AWC], or disagree [D]:

Elastic or any wraparound belt. Patricia’s philosophy: “Give it a waist”
[A] A good waist belt is always a good investment.
Knee-high, thigh-high, or fishnets are the way to go
[D] Fishnets are for catching fish. Let’s stop mistaking them for legwear.
Over-the-knee boots: “[They] make short girls long”
[D] These are so Devil Wears Prada, and they weren’t even that cute on Hathaway.
Berets, all colors
[D] So Mary Tyler Moore over
Fedora men’s hats for women
[AWC] In Williamsburg, or at night, only.
Skinny pants (think Babe Paley)
[AWC] If you’ve got the legs.
[AWC] We will accept this as long as it’s not neon with black lace on top and flesh does not pucker from either end.
Wolford’s black high-waist panty
[D] Why do we need these? Give us reasoning and we’ll reconsider.
High Christian Louboutin cream pumps
[A] Can’t argue with the Loub.
Clothes that fit the body — sexy not frumpy. She loves a shoulder.
[A] As Donna Karan notes, you never gain weight in your shoulders.

Brown, dull, or dark muddy colors
[D] We don’t agree with banning entire colors. Some people will always look good in brown so let’s not make them feel bad about it. Also, no dark colors? In New York? Preposterous.
Toe ornamentation on a shoe
[AWC] Buckles can be cool, but roses and bows kind of make us gag.
Baby-doll dresses
[D] These are very flattering for certain figures.
Flower pins
[A] See Carrie’s shoulder.
Cupcake-shaped dresses
[A] And calling them that makes them so much worse.

Patricia Field: What she loves; what she’s over [Glamour]

Let’s Take a Moment to Talk About Patricia Field