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The Dark Side of the Marc Jacobs Show and After-Party

We’re guessing the twenty pounds all went to her
badunkadunk.Photo: Getty Images

Yesterday’s punctual Marc Jacobs show was designed to feel like a night out clubbing, with banquettes in the front row, Champagne on ice, and art-rock stalwarts Sonic Youth performing live onstage. Not everyone was feeling so glamorous, though. Selma Blair gained twenty pounds on a movie shoot in Europe, and while she “desperately” wants to lose the weight, her new role as the spoiled suburbanite Kim on NBC’s remake of Australian comedy Kath & Kim requires that she keep it. Still, there’s an upside. “Gaining twenty pounds makes me feel like I got a little badunkadunk. I definitely have more of a tush going in my jeans. I used to wear a size 0. I now wear a size 6.”

Marc’s friend Michael Lucas, the porn star, observed his own affront to fashion beauty standards. After posing for photos with Victoria Beckham, he told us he would “commit suicide” if he had her complexion! “Her skin is yellow with big pores,” he said. “Each pore you could fit a big [piece of] caviar in.”

Marc Jacobs campaign model and singer M.I.A., meanwhile, had a less-than-glamorous experience last year when she was turned away from Jacobs’s after-party. “Me and Marc are gonna talk about it tonight,” she said ominously. Why she didn’t get in? “I guess I had a terrible reputation. I just turned up on the spot.” She wouldn’t give up any details on the new album she’s working on, and for good reason. “I’m not saying nothing this time, I’m keeping it secret. I don’t want, like, Fergie to make the record before I do,” she told us, before rushing to the after-party where, this year, she was the D.J.

At said after-party, it was Sonic Youth’s Thurston Moore who was disappointed. “I didn’t get a goody bag,” he said, referring to the packages stamped with images of his band’s Goo album cover. “I was really bummed. I went out looking for one afterwards and they were all gone.” We later asked Sophia Bush, whom we spotted talking to a surprisingly demure-looking Lil’ Kim, whether her hoarse voice indicated the onset of an unstylish Fashion Week flu. “My voice is gone from having to speak up all the time for interviews,” she said, adding, “and screaming like a fraternity boy for an hour when the Giants won didn’t help either.” Here’s to hoping for a glitzier time next year. —Fiona Byrne

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The Dark Side of the Marc Jacobs Show and After-Party