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Donatella ‘Startles’ Herself in the Mirror

Photo: Getty Images

Donatella Versace was awfully press-shy at last night’s party at Barneys to celebrate the store’s launch of Versace menswear. But we slipped in between camera flashes to ask her about her new, face-masking fringe:

Tell me about your bangs.
I did it yesterday. I was bored with my look.

What made you want to change?
Sometimes you just need to change. Do something different.

Who cut them for you?
My hairdresser, Carlos Verdi. Do you like it?

Does it feel weird?
Yes. Sometimes I look at myself in the mirror and get startled.

Mariah Carey has three assistants. How many do you have?
Three. They run my agenda. —Jada Yuan

Donatella ‘Startles’ Herself in the Mirror