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How to Be Agyness: Her Clothes Are Random But Affordable

This girl knows fashion is ridiculousPhoto: Getty Images

We love fashion people who don’t take fashion too seriously: Marc Jacobs is one, Agyness Deyn is another — and Deyn recently stole the No. 1 spot on Tatler magazine’s best-dressed list from Kate Moss. Like Moss, when Deyn wears something unique and original, it becomes an instant trend. See, while normal people (read: non-Amazonian beanpoles who look good in things like boy haircuts) like us agonize over whether to spend $200 on white-framed sunglasses, Deyn throws on the $30 pair and doesn’t think twice about it. Then, we presume, she laughs at fledgling fashionistas trying to imitate her. She calls her style “proper mad” and tells the London Times:

“Sometimes, I think it would be funny to do random stuff and see if it catches on,” she jokes. It’s all a long way from her Lancashire childhood; even 18 months ago, she was still a jobbing model. Deyn is only just getting used to signing autographs. “I never know what to write. I always say, ‘Nice to see you, to see you, nice. Aggy.’ Then I put a love heart.”

See? Even her autograph subtly says, “I can’t believe you take this seriously.” To Aggy we say, love heart right back at you, right back at you, love heart. Or something.

Helpfully, the Times breaks down the price tags of a few of Deyn’s most famous looks and proves fabulous doesn’t always come with a three- or four-figure price tag (take that “real” housewives of New York). After the jump, the Times puts together two of Deyn’s iconic, mostly affordable outfits, complete with costs.

Left, Deyn in London at the Elle Style Awards on February 12. Right, Deyn in London on July 17 at the Fashion Forward launch.Photo: FilmMagic, Getty Images

Outfit at left:

1. Ciaté Paint Pot in 3am Girl, £7.50/$15.11; 020-8466-5200.

2. Graphic top, £270/$543.80, by Balenciaga, from Matches;

3. Memphis tuxedo, £895/$1,802.61, by David Szeto, from Browns.

4. Black skinny jeans, £45/$90.63, from Topshop.

5. Blue patent-leather shopper, £635/$1,278.95, by Pauric Sweeney, from Browns.

6. Plastic sunglasses, £15/$30.21

7. Black-and-white pencil skirt, £35/$70.49, from Topshop.

8. Dress, £60/$120.85, sunglasses, £12/$21.17, and earrings, £5/$10.07, by Gold by Giles at New Look; available March 19. Ribbed over-the-knee socks, £2.50/$5.04, from New Look.

Outfit at right:
1. Scarf, £1.50/$3.02, from Beyond Retro; 020-7613-3636.

2. Long stripy socks, £5.50/$11.08, by Pamela Mann;

3. Tux trousers, £135/$271.90, by Buckler; 020-7377-2767.

4. Blondie T-shirt, £25/$50.35, from Truffle Shuffle;

5. Roxanne tote, £395/$ 795.57, by Mulberry.

6. Brogues, £35/$70.49, from Beyond Retro, as before.

7. Stripy vest, £18/$36.25, print wedges, £30/$60.42, plastic sunglasses, £12/$24.17, and bracelet, £6/$12.08, by Gold by Giles at New Look. Tights, £3/$6.04, from New Look.

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How to Be Agyness: Her Clothes Are Random But Affordable