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PETA Targets the Governor’s Wife; Running Does Make You High

Michelle Paterson.Photo: Getty Images

• PETA asked Governor Paterson’s wife, Michelle, if she’d give her fur coat to homeless, freezing women in Afghanistan. Sounds like she’s still deciding. [NYDN]

• Trade in drugs for the treadmill: German scientists have finally confirmed running does in fact release a flood of endorphins to the brain. [NYT]

• Dakota Johnson, daughter of Melanie Griffith and Don Johnson, has just signed with IMG modeling agency. She inked the deal in New York but will return to California to finish her final year of high school. Good for her. [Fashion Week Daily]

• Liz Claiborne is thisclose to selling Ellen Tracy. It bought the label for $180 million in 2002 and will sell for $42.3 million. Stings. [WWD]

• Today is “national no makeup day” in the U.K. One woman does a makeup-less day and gets no attention and feels ghoulishly pale. [Times]

• The DKNY-painted wall on the corner of West Houston and Broadway has been around since 1992, but it’s not going to last much longer. Its building has just been sold. [WWD]

• If you have dark skin it scars more easily than paler faces. Also, wear sunscreen because you might not burn but you’re still susceptible to skin cancer (and wrinkles). [WSJ]

• Demi Moore dons crow’s feet for her role as a 60-something employee at a diamond manufacturer. She said it was “strange.” Yes, aging must be strange for Hollywood. [WWD]

Bottega Veneta is one of Europe’s top-selling luxury brands because it’s muted, refined, and logo-free. [NYT]

• Some lipsticks contain squished cochineal beetles and some perfumes contain whale puke. [NYT]

• Men have a soft spot for pocket watches. [NYT]

PETA Targets the Governor’s Wife; Running Does Make You High