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How Carla Bruni Saved Dior; Daniel Craig Is Best Dressed

Carla’s picture is worth $1 millionPhoto: AFP/Getty Images

Carla Bruni-Sarkozy’s all-Dior wardrobe on her London visit was worth $1 million in advertising and counteracted the label’s critics who were unimpressed by Dior’s heavy “ladies who lunch” vibe for fall. [Times UK]

• Daniel Craig is GQ’s best-dressed man, according to judges like Giorgio Armani and Naomi Campbell. Craig favors bespoke Tom Ford suits, but Ford himself is only No. 5 on the list. [British Vogue]

• Hadley Freeman judges the wardrobes of the male presidential candidates: John McCain “could not look more establishment if he went around doing secret handshakes and butt-slapping Karl Rove,” while Barack Obama looks Vogue in slim-cut suits. [Guardian]

• Sara Berman designed a $3,000 machine-washable evening gown “so that busy women can feel seductive all the time and not just on special occasions.” Now you’ve got no excuse not to throw on your evening gown when you get home, instead of the sweatpants. Every woman’s dream. [British Vogue]

• Manufacturing in China has improved so much that craftsmanship of fine men’s suits rivals Italy’s and may surpass North America’s. Jhane Barnes used to have its suits made in Italy but has moved production to China. [WSJ]

• Pssst! You can be glam in flat shoes too! Carla Bruni proved it last week in London, and designers like Yohji Yamamoto proved it in the fall collections. [Independent]

• Business is booming at the new Paul Smith boutique in Heathrow airport: Its first sale was a suit to a man for his wedding in the U.S. That must have been some serious last-minute shopping if he weathered the exchange rate. [British Vogue]

• Victoria’s Secret model Selita Ebanks wants to record an album. [NYDN]

• A vodka for women is on shelves in Russia. Its bottle comes dressed in a skirt. Marketing at its finest! [NYT]

Heidi Klum renews her marriage vows to hubby Seal every year. [British Vogue]

How Carla Bruni Saved Dior; Daniel Craig Is Best Dressed