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Amy Winehouse to Perform at Wintour’s Big Gala?

We hope she doesn’t bring bottles like that to the Met. Photo: FilmMagic

Amy Winehouse may perform at the Met’s Annual Costume Institute Gala on May 5. A rep from the Metropolitan Museum of Art confirmed that Winehouse is one of a number of guests being considered for the slot. Though she’s a good bit grungier than the always perfectly coiffed Anna Wintour, the gala’s hostess, fashion designers adore her. She’s already inspired a Chanel collection by Karl Lagerfeld and played a Fendi party, and Giorgio Armani reportedly has his eye on her. A source told the Daily Mirror, “Giorgio has made no secret to his friends that he would love to work with Amy. He sees this party as an ideal opportunity to sound her out about future projects together.”

Event co-chairs George Clooney and Julia Roberts are reportedly trying to sign Winehouse on for the event. The Met’s spokeswoman denied rumors that the Grammy winner would rake in a million for her performance, since the event is a benefit.

If Winehouse does make the event, we will watch closely to see if she and La Wintour touch for any photo ops. And the exhibit being about superheroes, we’re curious as to just what Winehouse would wear. We’re picturing Wonder Woman but a little, you know, rough around the edges.

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Amy Winehouse to Perform at Wintour’s Big Gala?