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Nigel Barker: Champion of the Baby Seal

Lord of the Seals, Nigel BarkerPhotos: Nigel Barker

News flash! We have officially confirmed noted fashion photographer Nigel Barker does in fact have a soul. Also, Tyra might want to practice introducing him as “noted fashion-slash-nature photographer,” as we’ve just learned Barker has embedded with the Humane Society and selflessly flung himself into the cold nether regions of Eastern Canada to photograph fluffy, white baby harp seals. Clad in a snazzy red arctic-proof jumpsuit, Barker contorted himself in all sorts of positions in order to capture these fuzzy-wuzzies from a seal’s point of view.

See, in a few weeks a seal hunt will take place on the very ice Barker’s body hath grazed, and these adorable seal pups that can barely outrun glaciers will be unable to escape the spears of hunters after their fur. Barker will heroically return to document the hunt at the end of the month. In an online video about the shoot, Barker remarks, “It’s ridiculous to think that we can come out here in a few weeks’ time and kill these beautiful creatures for their fur that looks more beautiful on them than it will ever look on us.”

Noted fashion photographer? Only during American’s Next Top Model air times. Noted human being? Yeah, we’re gonna have to give him that one.

Nigel Barker: Champion of the Baby Seal