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Blair Waldorf’s Wardrobe Does Not Go Home With Her

Photo: Patrick McMullan

Everyone knows that actors don’t get to keep the clothes they wear on the set. But when it comes to super-fancy high-fashion shows like Gossip Girl, even thinking about taking racks home is impossible. Unless you’re Blair Waldorf, of course. “At the end of the first thirteen episodes, they gave me some stuff, which was wonderful, but mostly not,” Leighton Meester told us at the Versace Menswear launch at Barneys last night. “Mostly, it’s just too priceless. A lot of the stuff is loaned, and we have a lot of stuff from archives, old stuff that people have used, like, years ago.”

Meester, who prefers to spend her paycheck at Opening Ceremony, says her clothes are a wee bit more affordable than Blair’s. “You can dial it down it a little bit for real life. I still take a lot of her style into my own.” So no baby-doll lingerie, white tights, and fur mufflers? “She’s high fashion, so I take some cues from that, but I don’t go overboard. I feel like I can do it with a little bit less expense. Not everything on the outfit has to be priceless designer.”

The actress says she doesn’t really mind that she can’t keep the contents of Blair’s closet. “Really, a lot of the stuff you wear a few days in a row, and you never want to wear it again, anyway.” We don’t know that feeling, but we’ll take your word for it. —Fiona Byrne

Blair Waldorf’s Wardrobe Does Not Go Home With Her