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What Sarkozy’s Ex-Wife Wore to Her New York Wedding

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French president Nicolas Sarkozy’s ex-wife, Cécilia Ciganer-Albéniz, wed Richard Attias in the Rainbow Room yesterday. No pictures of the fête have emerged yet, though we’re all waiting with bated breath. After all, Donatella Versace designed the wedding-party outfits, which, though it’s kind of a dis to France to go with an Italian, sound pretty darn glamorous. According to a Versace rep, the new Mrs. Attias wore a long, simple one-shouldered “pale blush cady dress with asymmetric draping detail at the waist.” Fancy!

We’re glad she didn’t go the Real Housewives of Orange County route and wear the big, fluffy dress to go with the big white decorations. Ciganer-Albéniz acknowledged that she’s already done that and so opted for something chic that tells her guests, “I know this is like watching an Oscars rerun, so I’ll make it more bearable by being a bit more casual about it.” We approve.

Jackie Kennedy, Wallis Simpson, and Camilla Parker Bowles also went the understated yet fashionable route for their second or third wedding gowns. See pictures after the jump.

Photo: Popperfoto/Getty Images, Time & Life Pictures/Getty Images, Getty Images

Left: That’s Wallis Simpson at her wedding to Prince Edward. Lisa Armstrong of the Times writes she probably wore the ice-blue Mainbocher because it “suited her skinny frame and highlighted how dumpy her sister-in-law, the new Queen Elizabeth, was.”

Center: For Jackie Kennedy’s first wedding she donned 50 yards of ivory taffeta. But the second time round (pictured), she wore a smart, demure Valentino gown.

Right: Camilla Parker Bowles wore Anna Valentine when she married Prince Charles. Armstrong was less than thrilled by her gown choice for her third nuptials. “The pale colours surprised many,” she writes. “Why not go all out for scarlet?” Maybe because royals are known for being conservative?

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What Sarkozy’s Ex-Wife Wore to Her New York Wedding